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Outpatient guest prices for 2017

Eva SpabreakfastlunchdinnerFullHalf
Breakfast + dinner Breakfast + lunch
choices 120 Kč 130 Kč 120 Kč 370 Kč 240 Kč 250 Kč

Prices are listed in CZK per person.

Meals are served in air-conditioned and spacious dining rooms. Guests can also choose from a selection of a special spa menu consisting of dietary options. Breakfast is served buffet style (fruit and salad bar).

Service begins with lunch on the day of arrival and ends with breakfast on departure day. If because of your state of health, you need a modified meal prepared (i.e. diabetes, gluten-free, etc.), please let us know before you arrive at the spa.

Prices for partial coverage in 2017

Eva spabreakfastlunchdinnerFullHalf (breakfast and dinner)
dietary food 60 Kč 105 Kč 85 Kč 250 Kč 145 Kč
Choice 120 Kč 130 Kč 120 Kč 370 Kč 240 Kč

Prices are listed in CZK per person. Prices subject to change! We offer a variety of dishes. Guests at the spa can also choose from dietary selections. For guests whose stay is fully covered by health insurance (comprehensive spa treatment) serves standard and dietary.

We accept VISA, JCB, Diners Club, MasterCard, and Eurocard.

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