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History of the spa

The beginnings of using Hodonín's iodobromine water as treatment

Hodonín has been known for its abundance of oil and natural gas. It caught the attention of petroleum engineers in the 1950s who discovered that water which was being pumped during crude oil extractions contained a significant amount of iodine. This information was a sign for progressive doctors at Hodonín hospital to undertake groundbreaking research on the effects of this special Hodonín water.

War veterans with serious bone injuries began to be treated with much success and treatments were also aimed at patients with movement problems. The results were very encouraging. Due to this, the balneological Research Institute in Mariánské Lázně took over research on Hodonín water in the 1970s with the aim of testing the therapeutic effects. Thousands of patients were treated and on the basis of positive outcomes, it was recommended that a spa be built in Hodonín.

When the Hodonín's spa treatment center was officially opened on 1. 7. 1979 as a part of the Luhačovice spa organization, none of its representatives believed or expected that the small 166-bed treatment center would become an independent and self-sustaining spa. Many sceptics predicted the treatment center would have a short life-span. They could not have been further from the truth. In 1993 the town of Hodonín obtained ownership of the Hodonín treatment center and the independent 'Hodonín Spa' was established.

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