Bookings for the first half term of 2023 will open from 29 September 2022.

The client can only book a KLP term of the length corresponding to the respective indication.

FEES 2023

Reservation of a specific date - 1000CZK (applies to clients receiving complex spa care). The reservation applies to the specific date of arrival, not to the provision of additional services.

Surcharge for single room - 600CZK/night (applies to clients receiving comprehensive spa care)

Fee for balcony - 50CZK/night (applies to clients receiving comprehensive spa care)

Accommodation fee 200CZK/night (applies to clients receiving comprehensive spa care)

Parking fee for the entire stay 300Kč (payable on arrival)

The client is not obliged to book a specific date for drawing the KLP. 
This means that the contracted spa facility will call the client no later than 5 working days before the start of the stay, after receiving an approved spa proposal from the relevant insurance company

Price list of surcharges for KLP 2023

Type of accommodation Comprehensive spa care - 4 weeks Comprehensive spa care - 3 weeks
double room   5 600CZK   4 200CZK
double room with balcony *   7 000CZK   5 250CZK
single roomj 22 400CZK 16 800CZK
single room with balcony * 23 800CZK 17 850CZK

*The balcony fee is charged in the period from 1.4. - 30.9.2023 - for stays at the turn of this period the amount of the fee will vary.
Fee prices for 2023 are valid until further notice.


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