News from the Day Spa

On 9/02/2022, the government decided to remove the requirement to show a certificate of vaccination or covid-19 for the use of services.


Wrap therapy

The heated wrap water bed ensures a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation. This unique sensation of floating on the water surface perfectly relaxes, soothes and circulates the whole organism.

Reservation at the reception on the telephone number: 518 395 506,

NEWS OF THE DAY SPA - every Friday from 12.00 to 14.00 hours swimming for the public.

Again in the Day Spa offer

Classical partial massage and classical total massage, classical aroma partial massage and partial hot lava stone massage. Reservations at the Bliss Day Spa reception, phone: 518 395 506, e-mail:

Caring rituals from Fiji

Caring rituals from Pure Fiji. You can choose from the following

  • Fiji caress with a scent of your choice - duration 1 hour in price 790 CZK.
  • Honey pampering - duration 1 hour in price 790 CZK.
  • Ginger stimulation - duration 1 hour in price of 790CZK.
  • Coconut wool from Fiji - duration 1 hour in price 1 190Kč.


Reservations at the reception of the Bliss Day Spa, telephone: 518 395 506, e-mail: 

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