Price list - Bliss Day Spa

Electronic wallet 30 CZK
Bliss Day spa - wellness area One-time admission 120 min.
Basic admission 220 CZK
Additional charge 15 minutes 30 CZK
Pass for 10 entries 2 000 CZK
Swimming / 1 hour / person  
Entry 110 CZK
Additional charge 15 minutes 30 CZK
Caring rituals from Fiji The duration of the procedure is 50 minutes
Caress from Fiji 790 CZK
Pampering with honey 790 CZK
Ginger encouragement 790 CZK
Coconut wave from Fiji 1 190 CZK
Pack the therapy 790 CZK
Classic massages  
Partial massage 290 CZK
Full body massage 700 CZK
Aroma massage partial 400 CZK
Hot lava stone massage - partial 400 CZK
Therapeutic fitness center Entry
Basic entry 90 CZK
Pass for 10 entries 800 CZK
Experience private sauna for 1 - 2 persons / 2 hours 580 CZK
Experience private sauna for 3-4 persons / 2 hours 850 CZK
Natural Healing Source - Iodibromine bath 330 CZK
Bath in peat extract 310 CZK
Bath with Dead Sea salt 310 CZK
Oat bath 310 CZK
Cannabis bath 310 CZK
Bath from Fiji 310 CZK
Fiji bath with collagen face mask 380 CZK
Herbal bath of your choice 310 CZK
All services and treatments, including gift vouchers, can be purchased daily at the day spa reception. Telephone: (+420) 518 395 506, e-mail:

Price list validity from 2.1. 2022 until further notice

  1. Entrance is not permitted to children below the height of 150 cms or under 10 years of age.
  2. Reduced admission is available for children up to the age of 15, students up to the age of 26 (on presentation of a student identity card),senior citizens over the age of 70, holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards (carers older than 18 years free).
  3. Single admission tickets are purchased at the reception of the Day spa. Visitors receive a free loaned chip through which available services are drawn.
  4. In the case of exceeding the validity of purchased tickets a supplement will be charged in the amount for each quarter of an hour.
  5. A 300 CZK fee is charged for loss of the chip.
  6. A 300 CZK fee is charged for loss of the admission ticket.
  7. Rental of the first bath towel is free. A returnable deposit in the amount of CZK per bath towel will be charged on the loaned chip. Each visitor is obliged to return the used towel to the Day Spa reception on departure. In the case of loss, damage to or destruction of the bath towels, the returnable deposit will be used for compensation of damage.
  8. Each additional towel rental is charged at 30 CZK
  9. Single-use disposable slippers with rubber soles can be purchased at the reception for 40 CZK.
  10. Admission is not transferrable. Following departure through the turnstile, the ticket is no longer valid.
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