Since June 2014 construction of a treatment pavilion named "Day spa Bliss Day Spa" has been taking place within the area of the Hodonin Spa park. This will serve to expand our services and improve their availability.

This autumn Hodonin Spa has prepared itself for an innovation in the shape of a Day Spa! So far, treatment at this promising young spa has focused on stays covered by either health insurance or paid for by private patients. Due to the great interest and success of the treatment processes which Hodonin Spa has recorded over the decades, the idea originated for the construction of a spa accessible to all.

Therefore, this autumn Hodonin Spa is continuing in the spirit by making available to the general public additional treatment procedures, utilising the latest technology, which will contribute further to improving your health.

The newly opened Day Spa pavilion is connected to the existing spa houses Vladimír and Eva, which offer accommodation and the Jindřich house, in which are provided spa procedures, for balneological purposes. Ready for visitors to the Day Spa is a range of new treatments and you can look forward to new relaxation pools, whirlpool baths, an iodine graduation tower, iodine showers, hot-air baths, salt, mud and steam baths, dermatology, light and laser therapy, a cryo chamber, exercise devices, relaxation rooms and a host of other procedures and services.

Hodonin Spa expands with a new treatment pavilion – launch scheduled for autumn 2015

  • A unique combination of tradition and quality care based on the medical knowledge of the Hodonin Spa health professionals
  • Consolidating the range of treatment using modern technology and techniques for the organism’s treatment, recovery and prevention
  • Infrastructure development of the spa area, the creation of a “spa small square” – in the middle of the park
  • Bundle up all your therapeutic and relaxation procedures into one day!
  • Your one-day spa bliss
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