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Wrap therapy

The heated wrap water bed ensures a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation. This unique sensation of floating on the water surface perfectly relaxes, soothes and circulates the whole organism.


  • The client strips down to his underwear (or is offered disposable underwear), then is placed on a special bag covering the waterbed. The bag serves as a mat separating the client's body from the warm water circulating in the bath. A constant temperature of 37°C is maintained inside the bed. A hydrating and nourishing wrap is then applied to the client's skin. After the wrap is applied, the client's body is covered with a special disposable film (the applied wrap thus promotes circulation and the opening of the pores for optimal absorption of the active substances). This is followed by immersion of the client in the wrap bed (20 minutes). The body is in a weightless state. Thanks to the constant temperature of the bed, the effect of the wrap increases. After 20 minutes, the wrap bed itself ends the healing process and the client goes up again. The client goes into the shower with the wrap. After showering, the client lies down on the massage bed, followed by a 15-minute massage of the lower limbs using high quality aroma oils.

APLIKACE: dolní končetiny, oblast hýždí a kyčlí.

  • Part of the therapy is a hydrating and nourishing wrap, which has detoxifying and cleansing effects, improves metabolism. Active use is made of the therapeutic effect of the water wrap bed and the effect of natural products applied directly to the client's body followed by a massage of the lower limbs with aroma oil.
  • Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
  • Price 790Kč (includes application of the wrap, 20 minutes of warming in the wrap bed, shower, subsequent massage of the lower limbs with fragrant oils).


  • Disabled persons and children
  • Clients with diseases of the heart and circulatory system
  • Clients with diseases of the heart and circulatory system



Experience (private sauna) for two to four people

  • Price: 1 - 2 persons 490 CZK / 2 hours, 3 - 4 persons 690 CZK / 2 hours
  • Bath temperature: 42 - 45 °C
  • Humidity: 100 %
  • Cab: 4,2 m3

The experience sauna will provide comfort and privacy for you and your loved ones. The sauna facilities include a massage shower and two relaxation loungers. The price does not include access to the wellness area.


Caring rituals from FIJI

We have also prepared a unique experience of nurturing rituals that will relax your body and calm your mind. The experience itself will be enhanced by the unique products from the Pure Fiji product line, which are made with a blend of extra virgin coconut oil, coconut milk and extracts from the exotic nuts, flowers and fruits of the island of Fiji. South Pacific islanders have used these blends to moisturize, nourish and protect their skin and hair for centuries.

Today, scientists confirm that the profile of these unique blends of natural oils is strikingly similar to the oils produced by human skin, ensuring optimal compatibility with human tissue. The formulations have the ability to absorb quickly, hydrate and nourish the skin in depth. Pure Fiji's unique massage rituals reflect the beauty, thoughts and traditions of the islanders of Fiji, where beauty is scented and traditions are honored. The exotic treatments are designed to harness the natural resources of the islands and embrace the gifts of nature and the uniqueness of the Fiji archipelago. These rituals awaken the youthful appearance and beauty that lives within each of us.

1. Caress from Fiji

Let yourself be carried away by the waves of the South Pacific during this pleasant treatment. The creamy coconut scrub gently removes dead skin cells while caring for the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A subsequent treatment with a moisturising spray containing coconut oil and exotic fruit extracts restores elasticity and rich nourishment to the skin all over the body.

Description of the procedure: warming up the body in the sauna followed by a creamy peeling and hydration of the whole body with a mixture of virgin coconut oil together with extracts of exotic nuts, flowers and fruits from Fiji.

Ingredience: creamy scrub, moisturizing spray with nourishing coconut oil and natural extracts - fragrance essence you can choose from the following: mango, carambola, passion fruit, white ginger

WHITE GINGER - has been used in traditional healing and medicine for thousands of years. It is known for its beneficial and soothing properties. It is a delicate scent of exotic lily with a hint of ginger.

PASSIONFLOWER - poodhalí Vám romantické tajemství ostrovů. Dokonalá rovnováha vůně nočních květin a ostrovních plodů s důmyslným nádechem citrusů Vás unese do tropických krajů.

MANGO - is popular for its refreshing scent evoking the metaphor of sun-kissed days and soothing nights. A sweet, captivating scent.

CARAMBOLA - the exotic embrace of tropical fruit and floral notes will enchant you, you will also feel the fresh sweetness - a hint of apple flavour with a touch of morning sun.

  • Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
  • Price : 790 CZK

2. Honey pampering

Discover the Pacific secret to beautiful skin! Achieve amazing results with a natural sugar scrub. Fresh sugar cane crystals remove dead skin cells from the skin, polish and cleanse the skin and unclog pores. Sugarcane also contains natural AHAs (alpha-hydroxyl acids) that rejuvenate the skin. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic flower honey extract then deeply hydrates, nourishes and firms the skin.

Description of the procedure: warming up the body in the sauna followed by a sugar scrub, and finally a skin treatment with nourishing coconut oil with honey from the flowers of the island of Fiji. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
  • Price: 790 CZK

3. Ginger encouragement

Treat your body to the cleansing power of ginger! The miraculous ginger contained in the detox mask promotes blood circulation and thus helps the body to break down harmful substances. The oil with a blend of herbs enhances the power of ginger and gently cares for the skin, giving it the necessary elasticity and nourishment.

Description of treatment: warming up the body in the sauna followed by application of a ginger detoxifying full body mask with wrap, final skin treatment with herbal oil.

Ingredience: ginger body mask with wrap, Herbal Fushion oil for the whole body with a mixture of herbs.

  • Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
  • Price : 790 CZK

4. Coconut wool from Fiji

Full body pressure massage with warm coconut bladders is a luxurious and exotic body treatment with a significant regenerative effect. This unique relaxation technique activates the body's cells and awakens all its senses. It releases tension, stiff muscles and relieves joint pain. It helps to increase overall physical and mental fitness, helps to activate forces, improves concentration, regulates sleep, eliminates fatigue and positively affects the psychological state of the organism. The ritual uses heated handmade coconut pouches, premium preparations of virgin coconut oil, butter and coconut pulp. These ingredients also visibly nourish and tone the skin. The coconut massage starts self-healing and rejuvenating processes throughout the body, giving it energy and vitality.

  • Duration of treatment: 50 minutes
  • Price: 1.190 CZK

Classical partial and total massage and aroma partial massage

Aroma massage combines the positive effects of a classic massage with the effects of essential and fragrant oils. It warms up the tissues and washes away substances. Essential fragrant oils have a profound effect on the nervous system of the person being massaged, they have a beneficial effect on the activation or stabilization of the psyche, thus relaxing the body and mind. It strengthens the immunity of the organism, relieves stress and strain, harmonizes the physical and mental processes that take place in the organism. It acts preventively, but also in acute conditions. Contraindications are varicose veins.

  • Duration of aroma partial massage: 20 minutes (+ 5 minutes for undressing and clothing) - (400CZk)
  • Length of treatment partial hot lava stone massage 25 minutes + (5 minutes undressing and clothing) - ( 400CZK)
  • Duration of the classic partial massage: 15 minutes (+ 5 minutes of undressing and clothing) - ( 250CZK)
  • Total length of the classic massage treatment: 45 minutes (+ 5 minutes for undressing and clothing) - ( 700CZK)




RESERVATION of Fiji rituals, wrap therapy, experience sauna and massages at the reception of the Bliss Day Spa - phone: 518 395 506, e-mail: spa@laznehodonin.cz
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