Wellness zone

1st circuit of the Day Spa in operation:

  • Water relaxation (relaxation pool, two whirlpools)
  • Iodine graduation tower
  • Steam bath
  • Local hibernation (cooling bath)
  • Kneipp therapy – foot massage
  • Hot-air bath
  • Salt-steam bath
  • Showers (cooling, iodine, massage)


  • Spa temperature:28 – 40 °C
  • Humidity:40 - 70 %
  • Capacity:4-5 people
  • Cubicle: 11.4 m3

The healing process “iodine graduation” is the inhaling of iodine salts dispersed in an area. The bath temperature ranges between 28 and 40°C, with humidity between 40 and 70%. The radiant heat, which is transferred to the visitors’ bodies from the seating surfaces and walls, is complemented by the warmth fed to the area of the graduation tower from a steam generator and at the same time the graduation tower is fed with warm air enriched with the inhalation agent – iodine salt. The humidity, temperature and amount of salt are regulated automatically. It is a unique and healthy environment. The iodine cooling tower produces humid air which is filled with the soothing vapours of iodine salts.


  • Sauna temperature:90 - 110 °C
  • Humidity:10 %
  • Capacity:4-5 people
  • Cubicle:7.22 m3

Foremost among its effects is the relaxation of the muscles of the musculoskeletal system, resulting in total relaxation. The higher air temperature also increases perspiration which helps relieve the body of toxic substances. Additionally there is strengthening of the immune system particularly weakened after various severe infectious illnesses. The steam bath also has a beneficial effect on skin regeneration. The recommend length of stay in the sauna is 15 minutes, following which it is advisable to cool the body properly – e.g. local hibernation or a cold shower and then to give the body a short rest. The procedure can be repeated several times (two to four times).The advantage over conventional saunas (cupola) is the automatic control.


Used for rapidly and perfectly cooling the body after the sauna procedure. Dry ice is used for handheld local cooling of the skin with a massage effect.

KNEIPP THERAPY (foot massage)

Kneipp baths (a circular water bath) act on the overall immunity of the body. Among its specific effects are support of tissue metabolism, blood flow and relaxation of the ankles and joints. A Kneipp bath helps also helps incipient varicose veins and has a positive influence on blood circulation. It also helps with cold feet syndrome and post-traumatic condition of the lower limbs. Procedure: pools with hot and cold water. First you put your feet into the pool of hot water until they are thoroughly warmed and then for a few seconds in a pool of cold water. The whole cycle is repeated several times.

If you take a Kniepp bath often, it hardens you. From this flow further positive effects supporting a person’s health.

HOT-AIR BATH (herbal stone sauna)

  • Sauna temperature:55 - 65 °C
  • Humidity:25 - 30 %
  • Capacity:3 people
  • Cubicle:6,2 m3

The radiant heat and natural aroma of herbs have literally a miraculous effect on the human psyche. Stone saunas use radiant heat which passes into the bodies of visitors from seat surfaces and walls. This heat is complemented by heat from the sauna stoves, which is usually electric. The pleasant climate permits visits from visitors for whom a conventional steam bath is not suitable. Here, warming of the body occurs more gradually and a visitor may remain for some time. The therapeutic process of a herbal bath is the inhalation of herbal essences. Inhalation of the aromatic essences from herbal essential oils makes the breathing passages more porous and will keep them clear and fresh for several days. A herbal bath is the ideal relaxation after visiting the swimming pool or having a massage. The bath has a temperature of 55°C to 65°C and air humidity 25% to 30%.


  • Bath temperature: 42 – 45 °C
  • Humidity:100 %
  • Capacity:4-5 people
  • Cubicle: 14.3 m3

The special healing effect of salt has been well known in medical circles for centuries. Salt purifies the skin, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates respiratory problems. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, musculoskeletal system and the human psyche. The heated seating and peaceful environment of the salt steam-bath ensure that relaxing there is very pleasant and liberating. A maximum temperature of only 45°C means that those who do not tolerate high temperatures can visit the bath.

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