Sport activity

Sports facilities in the spa area

  • Sports facilities in the spa area
  • Outdoor games - Checkers, Don't Be Angry, croquet
  • Fitness centre in the Eva Spa House, Therapeutic fitness centre in the Bliss day Spa
  • Table tennis
  • Bicycle and Nordic walking stick rental and storage

Bicycle rental and storage

Price list - Bike rental
1 hour 40 CZK
2 hour 60 CZK
next lesson started 20 CZK
the whole day 150 CZK
helmet - refundable deposit 500 CZK

All our bikes are equipped with mudguards, rack and lighting. Helmets are also available for hire if required. We have expanded our offer to include new women's and men's trekking and mountain bikes.
If you are coming to stay with us, book "Your Bike" now by calling 518 395 500 (501) - Alternatively, please note in the notes which bike you are interested in during your stay.

A well-equipped bicycle rental service is available for spa guests. You will appreciate this option when wandering around southeast Moravia, which is crisscrossed with many cycling routes



Mountain bike KTM L.Sport.
Tailored for recreational and sport riding, this bike is lightweight and easy to handle for everyday rides in the countryside.

KTM L.Sport

Women's trekking bike KTM L.CROSS
A trekking bike designed for regular sport riding on paved roads and light terrain. Suitable for sport hobby riders

KTM L.Cross

Mountain bike KTM Ultra 3.29

29" mountain bike designed for frequent off-road and forest trails. Suitable for sporty hobby riders.

KTM Ultra

Women's trekking bike Amulet Route 35W

The combination of a suspension fork, triple reinforced aluminium frame, suspension seat tube with comfort saddle and adjustable stem provide maximum riding comfort.

Amulet Route 35W

Women's trekking bike Amulet Route 20W

The combination of a suspension fork, triple reinforced aluminium frame, suspension seat tube with comfort saddle and adjustable stem provide maximum riding comfort.

Amulet Route 20W

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

For sports enthusiasts we have prepared Nordic walking under the guidance of an instructor every Tuesday and Thursday from April to September.

Nordic Walking is a natural form of exercise. It is walking with special walking sticks, during which up to 90% of the muscles are involved in active activity.
This enjoyable form of exercise can be performed by anyone, both performance athletes and beginners, in fact people of all ages. It is suitable for reducing excess weight, maintaining and improving fitness, posture, helping to solve back pain problems and, of course, for relaxation and fun.


You don't need any extraordinary and expensive equipment to practice Nordic Walking. All you need are special poles (and you can rent them from us for 50 CZK/day, refundable deposit 200 CZK), sports shoes, any terrain and any season. Then you just have to go out into the nature with gusto.

The benefits of Nordic walking

  • engages 90% of the muscles of the whole body, increasing calorie expenditure through walking with sticks by an average of 20% compared to normal walking
  • improvement of spinal mobility, which leads to the release of tension in the cervical, shoulder and interscapular muscles
  • strengthening not only the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, but also of the trunk (neck, shoulder, back, lumbar muscles), thus improving correct posture
  • less stress on joints and better stability thanks to the sticks
  • suitable for reducing excess body weight
  • good choice for osteoporosis (thinning of bones) or arthrosis (loss of cartilage)
  • training of arm, back, leg and buttock muscles, training of shoulder muscles, stabilization of the support system
  • gives a confident movement with sticks on smooth and slippery surfaces
  • activates metabolism, reduces fat and sugar in the bloodstream
  • one way to prevent heart and respiratory diseases
  • after consultation with a doctor, it is recommended for rehabilitation of many musculoskeletal disorders or post-traumatic conditions... and many others.
Pricelist - Nordic Walking Poles
Rental of Nordic Walking poles / Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 1 day 50 CZK
Refundable deposit when renting Nordic Walking Poles for spa guests   200 CZK
Nordic walking under the guidance of an instructor according to the season (April - September) for spa guests 1 hour 180 CZK


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