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On top of that, there are also brass bands and folk bands playing and classical music concerts that take place right in the Hodonín Spa or the amphitheater in the park right up the hill. During the week and on the weekends there are tours to nearby castles, folk festivals, feasts, wine festivals, and other events going on. Also, you could take a trip to one of the local wine cellars if you like. From April to October, Sunday boat trips along the Morava River are organized for our guests.

Lednice Lednice Lednice

A cultural spa cocktail party opens the season in May. Among the key low season events at the spa include a vintage Woodcarving symposium in September and a December Christmas festival. Spa guests are well informed about all cultural events, concerts, programs and exhibitions that take place outside the spa building. Every year in August a dress up feast is held in Hodonin - Svatovavřinecké celebration, a special wine Festival in September with traditional program. (More information at

Strážnice Strážnice

A pleasant winter garden with tropical plants from around the world and a pond full of goldfish lies close to the spa and open every day until 18:00. During hot summer days, everyone is more than welcome to visit the summer swimming pool. Spa guests can visit the indoor swimming pool or watch a hockey game at the ice rink. The spa also offers bike rentals, Nordic walking sticks, outdoor games in the spa area (table tennis, Ludo, croquet, pentaque, squash, Checkers, Chess), and a senior park and gym in the Eva spa building. Finally, we also offer to our guests a cultural information center with a well-stocked library also located in the Eva spa building (phone: 518 395 530).

Cultural information that can be found at the reception desks at Vladimir and Eva include

  • Cultural events in Spa Hodonin (for cultural info, call 518 395 530)
  • vTickets to cultural events organized outside the Hodonín Spa (tickets for the Hodonin Culture House and theater can be purchased at the front desk of the Vladimir spa building - 518 395 500)
  • Local tours, wine tasting at the spa, meetings, theatrical performances, fashion shows
  • Cultural information center and spa library (for info call 518 395 530)
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