The ten commandments of the sauna

  1. Give yourself plenty of time. Do not go to the sauna if you are tired, hungry or bloated and never when you are ill. Follow the instructions of the Day Spa.
  2. Put everything in the changing room, put on a swimsuit and bring only a bath towel with you.
  3. In the shower wash with hot water and soap. It is also advisable to rinse your hair.
  4. Before entering the heating rooms, dry off with a towel. Lie down in the sauna on the towel – whether you are sitting or lying down, always keep a towel under your body.
  5. During sweating massage the skin of the limbs and torso with your fingers, palm, a washcloth or a brush. Perform brushing on your towel or under the shower.
  6. Relax and breathe slowly. In the sauna it is recommended that you breathe only through your nose. If you have a feeling of burning air while breathing, you can cover the nose and mouth. Don't talk unnecessarily. Others came to the sauna to relax and your voice can be disturbing.
  7. After leaving the heating rooms rinse off the sweat and tiny particles of skin under a lukewarm shower and only then begin cooling down – a stream of cold water in the shower, staying in cold air. Cooling should only be for how long you find it comfortable. Excessive cooling is not appropriate.
  8. Procedure for warming up – cooling down, repeat at least three times (not more than five times), always with a short break (10 minutes) between individual cycles. 1x – irritation – for stimulating the organism for the next activity 2x – toning – toughens, excellent in combination with a subsequent stroll in fresh air 3x – relaxation – suitable at the end of a busy day 4-5x – fatigue – evokes a pleasant tiredness and subsequent quality sleep 6 or more is not recommended
  9. After the last cooling down and before going to the restroom, rinse with lukewarm water, it is not necessary to use soap
  10. When you are finished using the sauna, relax for at least 20 minutes. Have a light meal. Replace sweat with water, salt and natural vitamin C fruit juices. Don’t drink alcohol, it cancels the effect of the sauna!
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